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Offering benefits of scale to private clients

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A unique service to corporate clients

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Facilitating delivery of commodities globally

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Welcome to QIA Commodities

Commodity trading

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Providing bespoke commodity solutions

QIA Commodities offer a diverse range of commodity solutions for private, corporate and commercial entities. Due to QIAs prominent market standing, QIA are able to provide physical commodities globally in a competitive and timely manner. QIA is a London based company built upon foundations of market expertise, innovation and an exclusive client service. Whether you are an individual seeking the storage of bullion, an institutional client or a consumer requiring the provision of the pure commodity, QIA will endeavour to provide a tailored service to match your expectations.


  • Leading Market Research & Support
  • Bespoke Access to a broad selection of Commodity Markets
  • Extensive experience of logistical support
  • Global Access


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QIA Private

QIA Commodities offer benefits of scale to private clients due our unique place within the market. From leading market research and trading support to competitive costs and innovative solutions, QIA employ a simplistic and transparent philosophy. QIA believe in a time-honored tradition of dedicated personal service that appears to have been lost in recent times.

QIA provide direct access to the physical precious and industrial metal markets as well as offering access to bespoke commodity markets. QIA will deliver, securely store and through QIA's innovative leverage products provide a managed risk method to increase exposure to physical commodities. QIA tailor products to meet each investor unique needs, from physical gold and silver to physical copper and precious metal baskets tracking the precious metal complex but backed by the underlying assets.

Through QIA Commodities, whether you are an experienced commodity investor or making your first purchase, risk averse looking for diversification or a speculator, we can provide the products, service and experience to assist you in achieving your investment aspirations. We offer private clients a dedicated broker, full trading support and education, extended trading hours, leading market research and competitive fees.


  • Physical Access to Precious & Industrial Metals
  • Delivered, Stored & Innovative Leverage Options
  • Risk Management Tools
  • Dedicated Personal Service
  • Leading Market Research including daily morning focus
  • Online Account Access
  • Competitive Fees


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QIA Corporate

QIA Commodities offer a unique service to corporate clients wishing to use their company to invest in the physical commodity markets whether it is for speculative, hedging or long term growth purposes. The entire QIA product range is available and corporate clients receive preferential conditions and benefits.

QIA will securely store or deliver precious and industrial metals and corporate clients can take advantage of unique leverage options for stored metals providing managed risk leverage. QIA also have access to a broader range of global commodity markets on a bespoke basis.


  • Dedicated products for Corporate Clients
  • Access to the Physical Precious & Industrial Metal Markets
  • Bespoke Access to a variety of global commodity markets
  • Dedicated Corporate Relationship Manager
  • Market Leading Research & Support
  • Competitive Corporate Fees


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QIA Commercial

QIA Commodities are well placed to facilitate delivery of commodities on a global basis for commercial clients due to QIA's unique place within the market and supplier producer relationships. QIA have immediate access to high volumes of precious and industrial metals and offer tailored competitive pricing inclusive of all costs.

Whether you seek one off or regular deliveries of gold, silver, platinum, palladium or industrial metals such as copper, QIA offer one of the most efficient services available. Commercial clients benefit from the allocation of one relationship manager to handle the entire process. Precious metals delivered meet the standards of London or Zurich Good Delivery as defined by the LBMA & LPPM whereas industrial metals will usually be through LME suppliers.


  • Global Delivery
  • Immediate Liquid Access to High Volumes
  • Bespoke Access to Commodity Markets including Precious and Industrial Metals
  • All inclusive transparent pricing
  • Dedicated Commercial Relationship Manager


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